Australian Government, Australian Government Actuary


Actuaries specialise in the management of financial risk. This is done through analysis of past experience, assessment of the current environment and modelling of possible future outcomes.

Actuaries’ uniqueness lies both in the diverse range of skills in which they are trained — covering such disciplines as mathematics, finance, statistics, demography and economics — and in their capacity to apply these skills appropriately in new and complex situations.

Actuarial skills have direct application to many problems currently facing public sector managers; those involving the impact of uncertain events, often in the distant future, on assets, liabilities or revenue flows.

We are part of The Treasury and give technical and related policy advice to support the prudential supervision of the financial services sector.

More broadly, we provide actuarial advice to a growing number of Government agencies.

We can provide public sector managers with the analytical support to allow them to quantify risks and make informed decisions.