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This publication presents the Australian Life Tables 2010-12 (the Tables), which are based on the mortality of male and female Australians over the three calendar years centred on the 2011 Census of Population and Housing (the Census).

The report discusses the major features of the 2010-12 Life Tables and reviews developments in mortality, both since the previous Australian Life Tables and over the longer term. A number of measures of longevity are considered and the historic declines in mortality rates are used to estimate mortality improvement factors. The impact of mortality improvement on life expectancies is considered under two improvement scenarios. The lifespan distribution is also considered.

This discussion is followed by the Tables themselves, together with the technical notes on their construction. The appendices include supporting information referred to in the text.

The Tables are also available on the AGA website ( together with past mortality rates and life expectancies and the mortality improvement factors referred to in the body of the report.

This is the eighteenth in the series of official Australian Life Tables. Tables were initially prepared by the Commonwealth Statistician, but since the 1946-48 Tables have been the responsibility of the Australian Government Actuary (or Commonwealth Actuary as the position was formerly designated). The first three Tables, for the years 1881‑90, 1891‑1900 and 1901‑10, took into account deaths over a ten year period and incorporated information from two Censuses. All subsequent Tables have been based on deaths and estimates of population over a period of three years centred on a Census. Since 1960‑62, the Censuses, and hence the Tables, have been produced quinquennially.


P. Martin FIAA
Australian Government Actuary

December 2014