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10  December 2014

Release of Australian Life Tables 2010-12

The Australian Government Actuary today released Australian Life Tables 2010-12, which reports on the mortality of Australians in the three years centred on the 2011 Census. Australian Life Tables is published every five years.

The reported life expectancy for a newborn boy is 80.06 years, up from 79.02 years in the 2005-07 Tables. For a newborn girl the reported life expectancy is now 84.31 years, up from 83.67 years.

Australian Life Tables 2010-12 may be viewed on the Australian Government Actuary’s website. Alternatively, hardcopies may be purchased directly from the Australian Government Actuary. Contact Cathy Hogan on ph (02) 6263 4189, fax (02) 6263 2677, or email